Free Boiler Replacement Scheme (with a small contribution)

Qualifying Boilers

The Government free boiler replacement scheme is designed to provide free-of-charge upgrades for existing gas boiler heating systems which function below recommended energy-efficiency levels.
To qualify for a free boiler upgrade your existing boiler must be a gas boiler, be more than 12 years old, and rated between C & G (Less than 86% efficient).

Typical gas boiler replacement costs around £2,700, however, the ECO grants replacement scheme
would help you save up to £400 yearly

Free Boilers which reduce the cost of domestic heating bills are still available at no cost via the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) – Affordable Warmth free boiler replacement grant scheme.

The free boilers scheme is an environmental program backed by the Government and funded by the UK’s major energy providers. It is designed to lower domestic heating bills and reduce Carbon emissions by replacing existing gas boiler heating systems.

Replacement boilers are fitted and supplied with a small contribution. Most of the boiler companies only fit a Valliant boiler with a warranty. Please see benefits below to see if you qualify.

Who qualifies for an ECO Grant?

To qualify for a grant, you must own or privately rent the property. If you are a private tenant, you will need verbal permission from your landlord before making an enquiry. We cannot assist Council or Housing Association tenants, unless you own more than 50% of a Housing Association property.

Someone living in the household must receive one of the benefits listed on the left below. Pension Credit and Child Tax Credit qualify without additional components and the remaining four benefits require at least one of the additional elements shown on the right.

Main Benefit Qualifying Component
  • Pension Credit (State Pension TOP UP)
  • Child Tax Credit (household income less than £15,850)*
  • None Required
  • Income Support
  • Income Based Jobseekers Allowance
  • Income-Related Employment Support Allowance
  • Child under 16
  • Child under 20 in full-time education (not university)
  • Child Tax Credit with a disability element
  • Disabled Child Premium
  • Disability Premium
  • Pension Premium
  • Work Related Activity or Support Component**
  • Working Tax Credit (household income less than £15,850)*
  • Child under 16
  • Child under 20 in full-time education (not university)
  • Severe Disability Element
  • Disabled Worker Element
  • Aged 60 or Over

*   Income as shown on your last award letter
** With Income-Related Employment Support Allowance only

What type of boilers/systems qualify?

If you have a boiler, the efficiency should be less than 86% .

Until your survey is performed we will not know your contribution but the maximum contribution for a non condensing boiler will be between £250 – £500 please apply now if you receive the benefits above